Simply “the most borgeouis thing on the planet” according to the jumbo jet flying, sword fencing, public school educated, sword and sorcery lyric writing, millionaire front man of one of the world’s largest rock bands.  Oh yes. Watching EZ spinning from the guts of a giant mechanical spider, weathering a storm by dancing to Toddla T on a ship, fragging to Metallica, witnessing the Smoke Eaters rocking in Heaven, Addictive TV introduced by Lucifer in Hell and winding up munching carrots at underground disco the Rabbit Hole – all this madness could only mean one thing – I’m at Glastonbury Festival again.  In the words of Jazzie OBE “….. Back to Life…. Back to reality…..”

smoke heaven

the Smoke Eaters  rise to occasion in Heaven with huge video mapped projections

ADTV in Hell

Addictive TV fire up the dancefloor in Hell

EZ spins his tunes in a giant mechanical spider

EZ in Arcadia








Onboard the Good ship Toddla T (before the storm).


Accreditation is what you need….





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