Legen-Derry Weekend!

We shipped out and built a “Fulldome Experience” in the wonderful and historic walled City of Derry for CultureTECH: a week long festival of  gaming, culture, innovation, business, scince music and of course drinkies!

































Sited on Guildhall Square and nestled against the historic Walls of Derry the dome was used for various purposes across the weekend


At night it mutli-tasked as a live venue where acoustic artists were able to perform across the entire solar system in half an hour….



a club venue with United VJs performing their new fulldome show EMPATHY 



along  with a musical programme curated by Champion Sound Music 



During the Day time we had a varied programme including an MTV DJ School for  under 18s ,

































Families of all ages enjoyed incedible Guided Tours of the Universe

































and movies curated by Fulldome UK and Dome Club including a feature length version of Pink Floyds “The Wall” in fulldome format.

dropping the bomb

This 11m dome contains a 360 projection screen that really is  THE BOMB!

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