This weekend we install a high tech 11m geodesic 360 degree video dome to create the brand new LUNA 9 AREA for KENDAL CALLING

To compliment the festival’s theme of “Beyond the Stars” we have an out of this world programe of immersive content never before attempted on a green field site as we invite key players from the full dome world to provide 360 degree screenings of experimental film, music and video.

Throughout the day we will be pushing the envelope to the max as we will take you on  “Guided Tours of the Universe”  and other experimental journies including the UK festival premier of Ninja Tunes DJ Food’s “The Search Engine” in 360 full dome format.

Then as day slips into night we will immerse you in a vortex of audio reactive 360 visuals provided by RFID synched to the sounds of underground club music.

Beam me up Scotty!




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