Occulus Rift: The future of immersive entertainment?

I had an amazing time at Fulldome UK Festival last weekend where my eyeballs were treated to some outstanding optical thrills.  I’m looking forward to programming some of these excellent films, shorts and other experiences into some of our dome installations landing in 2015. Interesting additions to the event this year was a mini projection dome with full polarised 3D capability, a full dome multi player laser game and two Occulus Rift headsets, displayed to play back a short full dome film. This was my first opportunity to check out VR since the 90s when some rather clunky large headsets with crappy graphics that made you feel sick appeared (and disappeared). The headsets were certainly much more comfortable and the graphics much slicker – as can be expected 20 years later. The film being displayed was a beautifully immersive piece created by fulldome film experts NSC Creative. Occulus Rift could present a potentially enormous opportunity to the fulldome industry who could benefit from the result of a much expanded market place for the new content that its creates. Currently this can only be shown in planetarium type cinemas and by lunatics like me involved in building temporary domes structures. While it could be argued that it will erode the USP of fulldome cinema, I am of the opinion that it will provide more exciting new content to be played back on the big screen where humans can enjoy and participate in a shared experience together. It’s also damned difficult to take a “selfie” while wearing Occulus Rift! THANKS TO BEN, PHIL & PEDRO AND ALL AT FULLDOME UK. fulldomeuk fulldome2

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