The return of UK Garage?

Here at Program Music Towers we are delighted to see the recent resurgence of UK Garage on the club scene.

The recent TV broadcast of Rewind4Ever & the publishing of Ewan Spencers photo book , has seen increased media interest with recent articles in the Guardian and Vice . It serves to remind of a time when a whole host of amazing British talent burst into the spotlight, wanting to perform their music no matter how big or small the gigs were, just as long as there was a crowd hungry to hear these fantastically good songs that were pouring out first from the pirates then all over the commercial radio stations.

Having personally worked with DJs like Pied Piper, Karl Brown, Luck &  MCs like Neat, Creed, PSG, DT & Unknown, I can attest that they are probably some of the hardest working people in the music business. A typical weekend would see them jumping in their cars and in and out of clubs  to perform up to 5 shows a NIGHT around London and the home counties often arriving at gigs with seconds to spare!

Hysteria whipped up by the tabloids about the violence that had infiltrated the scene, caused the inevitable expulsion of UKG from the mainstream clubs and media returned it largely back deep underground but not before it left a hugely influential imprint on British urban music still resonating today in artists like Dizzee Rascal and Disclosure. All the industrious producers, DJs, singers and MCs built a legacy – a uniquely British music culture.

Now with a generation emerging who’s first exposure to music was hearing an older brother/sisters slamming EZ UKG mix tape through the bedroom door, classic old skool UKG tunes are making a re-appearance on the dance floor. Seminal clubs like Twice as Nice, Sun City, Pure Temptation and Garage Nation, are reactivating along with a slew of new promoters bringing new garage jams. Twitter (a medium not available in 1999) is abuzz as blogs like  and UK Garage Daily are flying the flag and promoting new sounds, new musics and new artists like All About She and KCAT.

Perhaps 2014 could be another vintage year for UKG… fingers crossed this time everyone keeps the peace!


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