During last week’s Violent Movie Association event, the London Glitterati were treated to what Hollywood agents might describe as  a “brush by” with White Dolomite – the X-rated man himself!

Star of over 150 violent movie posters, Dolomite was in town to promote the gallery exhibition “X-Rated Man” and to publicise the trailer release of his lost masterpeice  “Sendo Senshi“. Lovingly restored, after found propping up projectionist’s stool in a Tokyo grindhouse, the Sendo Senshi trailer heralds a new era of exploitation by the V.M.A.

As promised Alessandro “who the hell is” Motojima,  took to the floor with his band, performing an impromtu set of choice cuts from the “Sendo Senshi” soundtrack. After the set I managed to grab a few minutes with Motojima to tell me a little more about the legend of Sendo Senshi before he took off  to a private card game in Chinatown.

Motojima explained “Originally released in the mid 70’s, Sendo Senshi was never shown as all the prints were found to be damaged beyond repair, bankrupting the studio that financed the picture. The reasons are still unclear but it is reputed that a Japanese ‘investor’ who’s daughter was to play the role of Izumi was so incensed at her being replaced by Kaya Yazuki that he personally sabotaged each and every print of the film.”

Motojima was especially keen to tell me the original score he composed and put out as a vanity record 35 years ago, is now available in limited edition vinyl & cassette via Rough Trade Records 

Before shooting off  into the Soho night with a gaggle of geisha girls, he flipped me an invite to his exclusive album launch party on July 4th at Netil House, London E8. If you want to find out just who the hell Motojima is, then Email Carnero Records for an invite too.

“Sendo Senshi – One Blade to Kill them All!”





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