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The wellies are locked and loaded as Glastonbury Festival opens its ample bosum tomorrow to all those who dare to insert themselves including The SMOKE EATERS  who will perform a tour of no less than 4 (FOUR!) legendary Glastonbury venues:

GREENPEACE FIELD Thursday night 11.30 -01.00 : see them beaming giant 240 degree projections onto the CLiMAX Dome from a huge replica of the Greenpeace ship the Artic Sunrise, (the real one is still in the hands of the Russians). You can’t miss it – it’s just past the world’s largest Polar bear!

SHANGRI LA: Heavenly Arena Friday night 01.00 -02.00: – having atoned for our sins (well some of them) we will rise to the heights of madness in Glastonbury’s naughty corner. Who knows what the hell is going to happen up here, but if your names not on the list… well you know the rest!

HEDS PARTY @ SONIC Saturday 4.30-5.30 AM:  situated in Silver Hayes (the field formerly known as Dance) Sonic is the flagship 6000 capacity main venue. On Saturday night it will be taken over by Greenpeace for a “Save The Arctic” headphone party with other great AV acts like Matt Black, Immersive and Addictive TV. Thankfully we’ve all been invited to do this and don’t need to abseil down the marquee into the DJ booth!

FINALLY finish the festival with a flourish and folow the White Rabbit to find…..

THE RABBIT HOLE: Sunday 3.00-4.00 AM: Front of Hole is the place to be (if you can find it) but don’t be late for this very important date at the original Mad Hatter’s teaparty. If you are lucky you might find a temporal wormhole that could either lead you home, to another party, another dimension or possibly right back where you started….

SMOKE-EAT-SLEEP-REPEAT FESTIVAL TOUR 2014 – #AnotherDarnedProgramMusicGlastoCaper







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