With the X(Factor)Mas season in full swing we see many mechanically reared and programmed “Turkeys” strutting their way to the nation’s (turn)tables. Yet amongst all the dry breasts & overcooked legs of meat you sometimes find some really tasty homemade morsels. The “Stuffing” that retains and evokes all the comfort of the home and love of the family but adds a new twist to the recipe…

Members of the UKG family will remember a producer called BRASSTOOTH who managed to independently sell over 70,000 records of his Connoisseur classic tunes “I Can’t Quite Understand”, “Celebrate Life” and “Pleasure” on his Well Built imprint. Rather delightfully he has been developing a new sound & will be re-releasing “Pleasure” again in 2014 with Power & Soulfood taking care of the promotions. The Croyden Dub Heads and El-B are adding the club remixes, but it’s the electro pop vibe of the radio edit in this video that positively puts a smile on my face and makes me think of all the wonderfull things about to happen in 2014!

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!





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