Summer has started (possibly)


A lovely day was had by all in Bristol at the weekend at the ARC Festival, superbly organised by RFID.


Thousands of lovely and very friendly Bristolians were treated to 5 arenas of audiovisual experimentation.   RFID created the Radion Dome with their amazing  360 full dome production whilst  the ARC stage boasted a 25m  huge panoramic projection screen.


In the Tangent Dome I was treated to an  experimental  live performance from an amazing new “instrument” called  the Alphasphere – which looks like something you would use to entertain off duty stormtroopers in the deathstar!


Much fun was had by all in the fog filled 18m  AXIS dome with hazy old school rave classics and smiley faces all afternoon long. This event took place a few miles from site of the UK’s first legal rave “Universe” back in 1991. Thank you Paul, for helping pave the way for it to be possible to run these dance events safely (and with proper toilets!)


Amazing audiovisuals, smiley happy people, sunshine and lots of Red Stripe.

What a great start to the summer season!




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