The Shedonism continues North of the border this weekend as we crack open a tin of tartan paint to coat the DISCO SHED ready for its first ever outing at Scotland’s biggest festival T In The Park.

This will be the last “T” on this site in Balado, as the Health & Safety Executive are concerned that it is sitting on top of the BP Forties pipeline carrying OIL from the North Sea to Grangemouth. Understandably they don’t want to see the event go out with a bang.

disco shedDisco Shed

You will find the Disco Shed situated in the “Healthy T” area where you can enjoy gormet ostrich and BEEF burgers, fresh oysters, organic Northumbriam lamb kebabs and wood fired pizzas with garden games, chilled out vibes and a not a deep fried mars bar in sight.

When the sun goes down, the tempro rises and the big screen comes alive, I guarentee the Scottish revellers will become HOOKED on the Shedonistic way of life.

To get a flavour of the grooves check this cheeky mash up  courtesy of the Shed’s Count Skylarkin….but remember- if your gnomes not on the list your not coming in!


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