Silent 3D Disco Dome : Installation

3d disco dome glow festival gold coast

Commissioned by

3d Disco dome comissioned by city of Gold Coast Council events


Silent 3D Disco Dome was developed by Program Productions & UK design house NOVAK Media.

NOVAK have created experimental large-scale video projection experiences for some of the world’s biggest and best events, bands and brands. 3D Work has been commissioned by Calvin Harris, Facebook,  Red Bull, Smirnoff, Jameson, Gillette, and many other famous brands.

The Silent 3D Disco was first conceived for Glastonbury Festival. Programmed every night of the festival in the Dance Arena for 3 years running,

Glastonbury declared 3D Disco as "one of the most exciting and innovative approaches to music visuals we have seen ".


What if we are deprived of our usual sights and sounds? Are our perceptions are challenged?

The magical projections seem to float in the 3D Disco - are they really there? Does everyone else see them too? Do we dare reach out to touch them?

Can anyone hear us in a silent disco? What if we laugh or if we sing or howl? Does everyone see and hear the same things that I do?

If they don't do I look absurd? Do we all then look absurd? How do we react? Do we lose our inhibitions or do we just stand and stare rooted to the spot?

The Silent 3D Disco subliminally dissolves discrimination and subtly enforces inclusiveness.

After all who can take themselves seriously wearing headphones and a pair of red and blue 3D glasses?

The Installation: Silent 3D Disco Dome

Silent 3D Disco Dome is a multi-dimensional, multi-sensory pop-up venue. It is inclusive installation containing an eye-popping stereoscopic audio-visual experience designed to delight & excite.

Entering a geodesic dome, spectators were invited to become immersed in a holographic holiday for the mind. Participants are given wifi headphones and a pair of 3D glasses to engage with the audiovisual artwork. 4000 pairs of 3D glasses were specially branded for the event and given away as free promotional souvenirs.

People's perceptions are challenged by synching giant geometric 3D illusions in time to the music playing through their personal headphones.  This focused sensory assault assists people to let go of their self-consciousness to dance, sing and surf the simultaneous waves of music and visuals.


Installation: 15m diameter geodesic dome equipped with 3 x custom fabricated giant pentagon projection screens, & semi-translucent facade cover supplied by The Australian Dome Company.

Bump In: 1 Day

Bump out: 1/2 day

Access Requirement: small truck

Projection equipment: 3 x 7000-lumen projectors supplied by ELS

Audio equipment: 300 x wireless headphones + transmitter + DJ mixer

3D Video content: licensed, created and operated by NOVAK 3D Disco

AUDIO CONTENT; DJs supplied and programmed by Gold Coast Events


Glow festival 2015 silent 3D Disco dome

Silent 3D Disco Dome Installation; Evandale Parkland.

Silent 3D Disco dome Glow festival gold coast
15m silent 3D Disco Dome Glow

15m dome installed

all age family activity 3d Disco

All ages attraction

3d silent disco dome

collect 3D glasses and wifi headsets on entry

translucent panels allow view inside 3d disco glow dome

translucent panels allow view inside

3D Disco stereoscopic visuals

custom large scale video screens

silent disco headphones and 3d glasses distributed

Eye-popping stereoscopic 3D visual experience


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