Voice-activation is the biggest shift in how people interact with the internet since the mobile web revolution. Furthermore, the ability to request and play music contactlessly with a simple voice command is one of the killer use cases for a new generation of voice responsive smart speakers and devices.

The โ€œProgram Music Playerโ€ is a first generation voice activated media player that has already been built and certified onto the world's biggest voice assistant platform - the Google Assistant.


What is Google Assistant?

GOOGLE ASSISTANT is a free voice assistant available on over one billion android powered phones, speakers, smart screens, TVs, cars, wearables and more.

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Access on Your Phone

Android phone/tablet users hold down the home button for a second or two, and say...

"Hey Google, Ask Program Music to play Track One..."

๐Ÿ…– Activate

Does it Work on iPhones?


There is just 1 extra step for iPhone/iPad users to install the Google Assistant.

1. Install Google Assistant

2. ๐Ÿ…– Activate



PROGRAM MUSIC voice activated music services are designed to help artists and content creators regain control of their streaming income. Utilise new voice-activated technologies to enhance customer experiences, increase revenues and optimise operations. Voice services are developed for the Google Assistant and hosted on AWS for secure, durable applications that can be cost effectively scaled to any size audience

Currently voice activation of music is fulfilled by account linking with major streaming services like Spotify. This is usually via a paid premium subscription to the streaming service. Very little, if any, royalties are paid to smaller independent artists. Program Music can solve this problem by allowing content creators to be in control of their own voice activated digital streaming. The ability to directly engage with their fans and listeners in this environment offers content owners the opportunity to create and set their own subscription fees and other consumable revenues where they receive the lion's share of the payment.

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