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Large-scale audiovisual projection mapping artworks created with  NOVAK MEDIA are carefully contracted to be delivered on time and on budget. Commissioned by the Singapore Heritage Board for the Night Festival,  "Journey" depicts a Jules Verne inspired trip from the centre of the earth up into the oceans out into space. Central to the work is a soundtrack composed by Ed Carter based on the Golden Ratio present in the architecture of Singapore Art Museum building.

The soundtrack to "Jaunt" is also scored by Ed Carter. The work projected during Cheriton Lights Festival draws on the history of the iconic Dormobile constructed locally in Cheriton and more than doffs a time-traveling hat towards one-time resident HG Wells. 

Sony Experia commissioned groundbreaking work for chart topping artist Labrynth. During the performance of his huge hit "Earthquake"we literally bring the house down synched to Labrinth's live music performance. You only get one shot at that!

"Journey" - Commissioned by Singapore National Heritage Board

"Earthquake" - commissioned by Sony Xperia

"Jaunt" - Commissioned by Strange Cargo