Video Dome Consultancy

Thinking about Commissioning a Video Dome?

Video domes are spectacular event & sponsor activations. Program Productions has produced multiple iterations of video domes in both 3D and full dome format. In order to realize a video dome project, all the elements from the technical and screen set up through to content commissioning and playback need to be considered as a whole. Location changes and dome container sizes and associated build methods are variables that can drastically change the cost dynamics. Our project management experience can help you budget effectively so your expectations are met and there are no hidden surprises. Use our network of video dome specialists to get the most advantageous prices.  For a  FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION get in touch through the form on this page.

Full Dome - commissioned By Culture Tech, Derry

LUNA 9 Full dome Commissioned by Kendal Calling

3D video Dome commissioned for Glow by City of Gold Coast

3D Video dome -Commissioned by MCI For Facebook Dublin

3D Disco 360 -21m dome installed at EXIT Festival, Serbia

festival sponsor activation

3D Disco 360

3D Disco 360 - commissioned by Smirnoff

Commisioned by Smirnnoff